A Recipe for Success – Blending the Best Ingredients for Social Media Success

In the long period of staying home, my 12-year-old daughter who is known for taking on life in full-force, decided she wanted to take online classes to learn some new things. One of those many activities included a cooking class to learn about baking. As I listened to her speak about the things she learned, […]

Budgeting for Your First Home

Making the leap from renting to purchasing a home is no small feat; it takes a great deal of confidence, a considerable amount of legwork and no shortage of patience. If you have made the decision to purchase your first home, you will likely encounter a number of questions throughout the process. Perhaps no question […]

4 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Quicker

Mortgage payments can be a major drain on your budget. Paying off the minimum amount each month can be helpful in the short term, but the extra interest and duration of the loan can make a significant dent in your long term spending power. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to pay off your […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores are a sensitive topic for many people. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling performed a survey which indicated that more people would be more embarrassed to admit their credit scores than their weight (30 percent vs. 12 percent). Having a healthy credit score is necessary if you wish to apply for loans to […]

Applying for Loans Online

In the information age, you can do everything from ordering groceries to pursuing a college degree from an accredited university online. Your money has moved online too, thanks to your financial institution’s secure websites and apps, allowing you to make transfers and pay bills anywhere and anytime you need to. If you need a loan […]