To Buy or Not Buy During this (COVID-19) Homebuying Season

No one can tell you which way home sales and prices are headed. That makes you, your own trusted advisor as you seek what’s best for your household in deciding whether to purchase a home. The Coronavirus pandemic slowed life down and even the spring home buying/selling season was delayed. As we transition through summer […]

A COVID-19 Wake-Up Call: Keeping Your Finances in Check

Nearly half of all homeowners are confused on what types of federal COVID-19 mortgage relief is available through their mortgage servicers and how those options work, according to a survey published by data and consulting firm Stratmor Group. This is not surprising given all the headlines coming out of Washington, D.C. due to the crisis. […]

Student Loan Forgiveness

      Student loans can be a difficult financial burden to bear, especially for those living paycheck to paycheck. In addition to paying back the principle, keeping up with the interest can be a challenging feat. Student loan forgiveness offers assistance with the repayment of student loans by reducing the loan amount or eliminating […]

Should You Refinance Your Loan?

In some ways, refinancing your current loan for a new loan can feel like trading apples for slightly different apples. You still have a monthly payment and long-term financial responsibilities, but refinancing has the potential to deliver significant benefits depending on your situation. A refinanced loan can yield lower interest rates, fund a future endeavor, […]

Overlooked Tax Deductions for Homeowners

While owning a home has its benefits, most homeowners will agree that their mortgage is a hefty expense to pay every month. To lessen the monthly burden of a mortgage payment, here are four tax deductions for which you may qualify that you might not know about. Medical home improvements Per Dan Connors, a CPA […]